About project

General project objective is strengthening of institutional infrastructure and services to the SME sector with an aim to strengthen competitiveness through building of the cluster approach in the following sectors: creative industry, tourism and rural development.

The specific objectives are:

Raising the businesses’ knowledge and motivation on clusterization and establishment of three national clusters (creative industry, tourism and local food) and their cross border networking the clusters will use the best EU practices. Prior to the establishment, the mapping and detailed development plan for each cluster and cross-border networking creation will be made.

Currently, the region shows low awareness of clusterization. In comparison to B&H and Montenegro, Croatia is more advanced and Croatian experiences will be applied. Institutional infrastructure capacities will be developed and the use of best practices will improve the tailored services offered by the support institutions. Institutional support to SMEs and clusters will be provided based on detailed action plan. The trainings, advisory services, study visits and best practice will raise the clusterization awareness of the SME and motivate them to associate. This will facilitate the path towards the creation of three clusters and its regional network as a holders of innovative activities in the region in their respective sectors.

Strengthening of business capacities in cooperation with support institutions and enhancement of innovations and transfer of new technologies The project will initiate cooperation of the SME sector with the SRO and support institutions on the national and regional level in order to raise SMEs innovation and competitiveness.

The SME sector in the region rarely uses SRO services in their business development. The SME sector is not acquainted with the opportunities offered by the SRO while SRO do not have systematic access to enterprises. The procurement of new modern equipment for work/training, networking of SRO, support institutions and the business sector will create conditions for innovations development. The matching of the SME needs and the SRO capacities will result in their cooperation, boost innovations and transfer of technologies. Apart from the strengthening of the enterprises’ capacities through trainings provided by the SRO, this will increase human potential in the cluster members.

Penetration of new markets and internationalization of clusters through joint promotion The Clusters electronic portal will be created. Joint participation at fairs and conferences will also lead to clusters internationalization. The clusters and its cross-border network will become active members of EEN. Clusterization of the SMEs and networking on regional level will develop its competitive advantages based on its local potentials and make an easier connection with the international market

Most enterprises lack finances to do their own promotion and have small production capacities (especially in the food industry), which is an obstacle for the achievement of a more significant export. The solution to this would be to establish e-portal and organize joint promotion at international market (joint participation at fairs and networking with international partners).

Similar producers will create a joint product to be offered to the market. All three clusters could offer a joint integrative offer, both at the local and international market. For international networking, the services of “Enterprise Europe Network” will be used. These services (exp. B2B meetings) are free of charge and cover the targeted region.

Main target groups are SMEs and entrepreneurs, clusters, support institutions, local, regional and national administration, educational institutions.

Total project budget (in EUR): 1.019.843,87 EUR
EU co-financing amount (in EUR): 866.867,00 EUR
Duration of the project: 1. 6. 2017. – 31.11. 2019.

Priority Axis/Prioritet: Jačanje konkurencije i razvoj poslovnog okruženja u programskom području


Opština Kotor, Crna Gora, Lead partner

Privredna komora Crne Gore, Crna Gora

Javna ustanova RERA SD za koordinaciju i razvoj Splitsko-dalmatinske županije, Hrvatska

Ministarstvo gospodarstva/privrede Hercegovačko neretvanske županije/kantona, Bosna i Hercegovina

PKRS-Područna privredna komora Trebinje, Bosna i Hercegovina